Damsky/Wells Broadcast Advisors offers radio broadcasters the strategic vision of over 70 years in radio management. Partners Harvey Wells and Michael Damsky have deep expertise in station management, sales management, programming and budgeting/cost issues. We offer clients Insight and Oversight in all areas of radio station and cluster operations. 

Insight (Noun)

"The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. The ability to understand people or situations in a very clear way."

We use the word, “Insight” because it is our first step in a relationship with a new client. With over 70 years of combined experience in virtually all aspects of radio, in all market sizes, we understand the unique challenges that face independent owners and operators. Our insights examine performance in every department, from sales and programming to general administration, marketing and engineering. 

It all begins with a two-day onsite visit and an evaluation of the people who are responsible for all departments, starting with the general or market manager. We have evaluated literally hundreds of employees throughout our careers, and we know the traits that make highly effective leaders. We also know that a top seller may not be a successful sales manager, or that the best on-air person may not be the best program director. We have often seen that when things go well, it may be in spite of, rather than because of a manager.

On day one, we carefully evaluate the leadership, starting with the General or Market Manager. In most cases, we will work with the current manager, and together we will meet with the remaining department heads to ensure that all areas have the proper leadership. In cases where we do not have faith in the top manager, we will end the process and immediately turn the conversation to station ownership or senior management and focus on succession.

Our next step in the insight process is to do a complete situation analysis with department-heads, looking at the internal and external conditions which are either impeding progress or which can lead to greater success. We also take a deep-dive into the P&L, looking for ways to improve profitability. This includes an analysis of all expenditures as well as making sure that resources are being allocated to the correct areas. The day ends with a meeting with the station or market manager, recapping our findings.

On day two, we incorporate all of the knowledge that we learned on our first day and we create a strategic plan.  This plan looks at each department and makes suggestions for their improvement. We also create a road map, based on the results of the situation analysis. Each manager will play a role in the development of the plan and each will be asked to “buy-in” to the plan. The plan itself will also be written and delivered to both the general/market manager as well as to station ownership or senior management. 


"Supervision; watchful and responsible care. The act or job of overseeing work that is being done and the people who do the work."

No plan, regardless of how good it may be, will work unless it is followed. That is where the word “Oversight” comes into play. Our work does not end after we leave the premises. We follow-up with station management to make sure that the strategic plan which we developed is being implemented. We will also report to station ownership or senior management if we observe that the tactics necessary to implement the plan are not being followed. Following the market visit, we are available to answer questions or to provide any further insights needed.

It is during this time that we can also provide Oversight in finding new management level employees, should that be deemed to be necessary. If a new general or market manager is needed, we will help with the hiring process. Should a department level manager be needed, we will work with the local manager to help find the correct person for that position.

Transition Management

Damsky/Wells offers another area of oversight that is unique to our company. We understand that there may be times when a station or market cluster is in a period of transition. In these cases, it may not be feasible to hire a local senior manager.  As a further level of service, Michael Damsky or Harvey Wells is available to manage on-site for a period of up to 90 days. Both partners have managed stations in all market sizes and know that regardless of market-size, the number one priority under these circumstances is to protect the license. We will not only do that, but also apply our skills to enhance the value of a station or a group of stations during this time.