The Partners



Michael Damsky is a 35-year radio veteran (20 of those working with Harvey Wells). Starting in 1980 as a seller at RKO's WFYR-FM, he then spent 24 years at Chicago's legendary WXRT-FM, rising from Account Executive to National Sales Manager to General Sales Manager. He spent his last five years There serving as VP/General Manager. During his stint in sales management, he participated in the launch of sister-station sportstalker WSCR-AM ("The Score"). During this period, Michael guided the sales staff through the transition from independent to corporate ownership when Group W/CBS bought the combo in 1995. Over a 10-year period from 1993-2003, WXRT's share of Chicago market revenue more than doubled, from 2.6% to 5.3%. In 2008, Michael was recruited to be Director of Sales for Citadel Broadcasting's Chicago combo of WLS-AM/FM. After doubling WLS-FM's sales in one year, Damsky was promoted to President/Market Manager. During his tenure, he was responsible for taking Citadel's market cash flow from zero in 2008 to over $10 million in 2011- growing sales, revamping programming and managing expenses. He left WLS following Cumulus Media's takeover of the stations in 2012.

Damsky has spent the last three years consulting broadcast entities. His primary clients are: Newsweb Radio's talk-formatted WCPT-AM, where he contributes sales strategy, oversaw the launch and sales efforts of lucrative local programming, and is currently working with management on a re-branding strategy. He was also recruited by John Gehron, COO of Chicago-based AccuRadio digital webcaster to provide sales strategy. Most recently, he recruited and supervised the company's first full-time seller, oversaw AccuRadio's efforts to take greater control of its own revenue, and is currently working with them to develop and sell major packages targeted to specific client needs. Both AccuRadio and WCPT have been clients since the 2012. In addition, he has advised other stations on special projects where he has specific insight.


Harvey Wells 

Harvey Wells has been involved in radio since 1970, when he began on-air at two radio stations affiliated with Southern Illinois University. After earning a degree in with honors in Radio-Television Communications, he remained in Southern Illinois (DMA #86) at commercial radio station WTAO-FM, where he was both on-air and served as Program Director.

In 1975, Harvey moved to Chicago (Nielsen Market #3) and began a long-term association with legendary radio station WXRT-FM. Starting as a weekend air personality, Harvey worked his way up to afternoon drive and the position of Music Director. In 1977, he moved to NBC-owned WKQX-FM where he was both on-air and the Assistant Program Director. Wells returned to WXRT-FM in 1979 as a salesperson. Over his almost 25-year second term at WXRT, he became Local Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, Station Manager and in 1989, he was named the station’s General Manager. 

In 1992, Harvey helped launch sports talk WSCR-AM (the Score), serving as its first General Manager while continuing as the GM of WXRT-FM. Under his leadership, WXRT won the National Association of Broadcasters prestigious NAB Marconi Award. Wells was also named ESPN Sports Talk General Manager of the Year in 1998. When the WXRT/WSCR combo was purchased by Group W (and subsequently CBS/Infinity), Harvey took on added Chicago market responsibilities as General Manager of radio stations WCKG-FM and WUSN-FM.

In 2004, Wells left CBS to join local Chicago entrepreneurial company Newsweb Radio. There he oversaw the expansion of the group from three to nine radio stations in Chicago and its suburbs. At Newsweb Radio Harvey created 9-FM, which received numerous accolades including Billboard Magazine’s New Station of the Year award for 2005. He also launched the talk format of WCPT-AM/FM.

Harvey left Newsweb in 2010, returning to CBS Radio as manager of its Riverside California cluster of radio stations. These included legendary Country station KFRG-FM in Riverside (Nielsen Market #25), Sports KRAK-AM and Classic Hits KVFG-FM in the Victor Valley (Nielsen Market #113), Mainstream Adult Contemporary KEZN-FM in Palm Springs (Nielsen Market #132) and Country KXFG-FM in Temecula (unrated market). During the four years that Harvey oversaw the Riverside cluster, OIBDA grew over 40%.

Harvey moved back to the Chicago area in late 2015 for family reasons and resumed his association with long-time colleague, Michael Damsky, forming Damsky/Wells Broadcast Advisors. He currently resides in the town of Fort Sheridan, Illinois.