About Damsky/Wells Broadcast Advisors

Insight and Oversight

Damsky/Wells Broadcast Advisors is a partnership which taps into the experience gathered during the 35+ year radio careers of both Harvey Wells and Michael Damsky. Between us, we have gained the Insight by working in areas such as on-air and program directing, local and national sales and sales management and station and market management. We also have significant hands-on oversight experience in the engineering/IT, station marketing and promotions and general administration departments. Our partnership is an extension of over twenty years working together at WXRT-FM in Chicago, primarily as General Manager and General Sales Manager.  During our tenure, when the station was independently and then corporately owned, it moved from a small operation to one of the highest billing and most profitable properties in the market.  

Harvey Wells and Michael Damsky have managed in markets as diverse as Chicago (#3), Riverside (#25) the Victor Valley (#113), Palm Springs (#132) and Rockford (#159). We have also overseen stations in suburban and unrated markets. Over the course of our careers, each of our employment time has been split almost equally between independently owned radio stations and working for corporations such as RKO, NBC, Group W, CBS, Infinity, Citadel, and Cumulus.  

Our mission is to work with independently owned stations that might not have the same resources as those of major broadcasters. We offer Insight and Oversight.  Insight is the "second set of eyes" ownership/management needs in order to see weaknesses and hidden opportunities for stations which are underperforming, under attack, or simply have the potential to produce more revenue and profit. Oversight is making sure that once weaknesses are discovered and opportunities are understood, a strategic plan is implemented. It’s also the recruitment and guidance of new station senior and department leadership. Your best new managers may come to you with promising futures but little or no experience overseeing radio stations. Our new manager oversight will help them reach their potential without the typical delays which they would usually confront.