Michael Damsky

Harvey Wells


Insight and Oversight


Michael Damsky and Harvey Wells have over 70 combined years of highly successful management experience in all facets of radio broadcasting in all market sizes. Our deep expertise in station management, sales, programming, marketing, engineering, and budgeting gives us the strategic vision that allows us to offer broadcasters both the Insight and Oversight necessary to maximize results from underachieving properties.   

Damsky/Wells Broadcast Advisors is a second set of eyes and ears concentrating on radio stations which are independently owned. Think of us as the level of supervision that your organization cannot provide. We furnish the outside Insight that is routinely offered to corporately owned stations or clusters. In addition, we have the Oversight ability to help guide an improved strategy, as well as to develop new or inexperienced employees who are taking on more responsibilities. 

Our capabilities include:

·      Insight – Analysis of the station/cluster P&L with recommendations for improvement.

·      Insight – Breakdown of sales by revenue category with emphasis on non-avail business.

·      Insight – Deep-dive into each department’s expenses, looking for potential cost savings.

·      Insight – Investigate senior market management capabilities and retention potential.

·      Insight – Development of a strategic plan by visiting the market, analyzing current tactics, and the competitive makeup of the market.

·      Oversight – Implementation of new tactics developed for the strategic plan’s success.

·      Oversight – Maximizing the potential and discovering weaknesses in each department.

·      Oversight Assistance in hiring and training of new station management.

·      Oversight - Perform as on-site station/cluster manager on an interim basis if needed.

We accomplish our goals by spending time in each market and carefully observing the internal and external elements that have led to an unfavorable situation. We assess local management and then perform a complete situation analysis, examining the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats inherent in each market. We then develop a strategy and the tactics needed in order to maximize the strengths and opportunities while eliminating weaknesses and threats. In addition, we supervise the implementation of those tactics, monitoring their execution.